What We Do

The Erase Project's mission is to remove inappropriate tattoos from visible areas of individuals who want to change after they may have been involved with gangs, spent time in jail, or who have made bad choices in their lives.

When employers notice inappropriate ink (ex: offensive language, gang symbols, etc.), potential jobs can vanish. Individuals may also experience unwanted conflict from others as the result of their tattoos.

These issues can be erased with tattoo removal treatments. When the offensive tattoo is gone, a life can be changed for the better!

The Erase Project's work doesn't stop when the ink is gone. With employment, 80% of individuals will not slide back into crime, have need of social services, or spend time in jail.

Who would think a small change could make such radical changes in a person's life?

Percentage who re-enter the workforce

A work in progress...

Below are a few examples of the tattoos we've removed or still in progress. Do you have an offensive tattoo in need of removal? Change can start today if you book a consultation!

A specialist who cares...

  Bridget Miller is a professional laser technician with over eleven years of experience. She was certified by The National Laser Institute of Scottsdale, Arizona in 2007. She also owns East Side Laser Center, a woman-owned business, and one of the best and highest rated Laser Centers in Pittsburgh. Bridget is committed to working with all people to reveal their genuine self. She has found her passion in helping others through The Erase Project.
11 Years of Experience
Certified - National Laser Institute
Woman-owned Business


What our Donors are saying...

Sally C. Fink
Sally C. Fink

"What a worthy project, Bridget! For all you've done for me, I'm glad to contribute."

    Tracy Daugherty
    Tracy Daugherty

    "Great work! I know that you've been working on this project on your own for a while."

      Rona Watts
      Rona Watts

      "What a significant way to change lives!"

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